Office HVAC Solutions

Office HVAC Solutions

TJ Ref is a Leading Commercial Office Air Conditioning Company

We provide a range of HVAC services across the UK, including all aspects of ventilation and industrial air conditioning for office blocks, warehousing, gyms and critical infrastructure.

Regulating the internal environment in an office building is beneficial for several reasons. Office temperature is a major factor that can affect the happiness and wellbeing of staff. Office blocks are also typically only used during specific periods of the day or night, but it is important to maintain the internal conditions to keep a building in good condition when it is not in use.

If is possible to moderate the internal environment in an office building with an air handling system. Air handling systems facilitate the movement of fresh air throughout a building, but there are more effective ways to control the conditions in an office. Commercial air conditioning is the most effective way to maintain optimum air temperatures and humidity inside buildings. Professionally designed HVAC systems are energy efficient. They also provide a greater level of control over things like air temperature and humidity. HVAC solutions can also be designed to include air filtration systems which is a great way to ensure air quality in the office. This is ideal for inner-city offices to filter air in polluted areas. Air filtration is also forming a key part of COVID 19 mitigation as people return to work.

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Choosing A Professional Office Air Conditioning Company

HVAC systems can be installed in new offices, or retrofitted to existing ones. Office HVAC installations are generally quite straightforward, but there are a few things that should be considered. It is important to choose a professional and experienced contractor to design and install HVAC systems. This will help achieve the best results in terms of energy efficiency and performance. There are also factors that should be considered at the design stage that can affect the efficacy of a system over the lifetime.

The size of the office space is one aspect that will dictate the size of air conditioning system that is required. Simply put, the larger the office space, the more cooling and heating power that will be required.

HVAC needs to keep an office cool in summer and warm in winter. With this in mind the location of the office affects how much power is required to maintain consistent conditions. An office in the South East of England needs more cooling during summer months compared to an office in the North West of England. Offices in cities are also likely to need more energy due to the urban heat island effect.

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Why Choose TJ Ref for Office HVAC Solutions

It is vital to work with a professional HVAC company. Working with TJ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will give you outstanding services at competitive prices. Our long standing presence in the industry is testament to our great customer care. We have worked with a range of companies from SMEs to multinational corporations. Given how important it can be to maintain low temperatures with refrigeration, we know that we have to deliver.

We have been in business for over 30 years. Our experience means we can provide an expert office HVAC solutions. We can design and install effective systems that stand the test of time. Office HVAC is are required to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However there are different requirements at different times of day, as well as throughout the year. A dynamic system needs to cope with variations in external temperatures, such as the difference between summer and winter too. It must also account for people coming and going at different periods too. Automation can make systems much more efficient and a well designed, professionally installed office HVAC system will be reliable too.

Our long term standing as an independent company also means we can work with a selection of manufacturers and suppliers. We can source the best equipment and parts and our impartial advice is aimed at giving you the best information to deliver a viable long term HVAC solution. For customers interested in Office HVAC Solutions you can contact us today to discuss your requirements. We have experienced and qualified designers and installation teams so we can help you find a solution to office HVAC needs.