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TJ Ref provide school air conditioning and air handling services across the United Kingdom. Schools have complex requirements when it comes to air conditioning. A well-designed HVAC solution for an entire school includes all aspects of HVAC and refrigeration. However, there are solutions that can be done on a room by room basis. There are a number of ways a school or education centre can go about introducing a professional air handling system. It is important to engage a professional company to ensure a school gets the maximum benefit from an air conditioning system.

In addition to keeping pupils comfortable as they learn, school HVAC can improve air quality in classrooms. This is important because there has been a great deal in the news about air pollution in and around schools. It is possible to include air filtration to significantly reduce particulates inside classrooms. Another feature of air purification is that it can also reduce spread of infection too. In recent times, protecting pupils and staff in school has been difficult, so many schools are looking to find ways to make environments safer for everyone.

Choosing A Professional School Air Conditioning Company

Air conditioning is the most efficient way to ensure school buildings are warm in winter and remain cool during the summer months. There is a great deal of literature that shows air conditioning systems can improve grades and test scores in students as well as improve productivity for teachers. In order to get the best value from a school air conditioning solution it is important to engage a professional contractor to design and install the system.

There are many considerations that can affect the value and performance over the lifetime of a system. For example, energy efficient systems represent a higher initial cost due to the technology being used. However, when running costs are considered, the lower energy requirements result in ongoing savings that offset the initial cost. Energy efficient systems are also better for the environment too.

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Our design engineers are experienced in all aspects of HVAC and refrigeration. Find solutions for complex projects is something we are proud of. Having been in operation for over 30 years we have the experience to deliver. Our customers include multinational organisations right through to SME’s in the United Kingdom.

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A schools air conditioning and air handling systems may be a single unit installations in classrooms. There are also more complex requirements, such as air handling for science, technology labs and art departments. Schools also have kitchen facilities that require specific refrigeration too. Our installation engineers and technicians have the knowledge and qualifications to work on a wide variety of projects. If air conditioning is being installed in an existing building, or network of buildings then our teams will design the most economical and efficient layouts around the structure of the building and infrastructure.

Considering HVAC and refrigeration in a new school building can deliver the most economical solutions. Modern building methods have greatly improved the energy efficiency of buildings. Air conditioning and air handling can be included in initial designs which utilise insulative materials and passive air flow to reduce the need for active air conditioning. Including measures to improve air quality in urban school settings can provide a safer environment for children. HVAC in schools can help remove pollutants and germs, and ensure air circulation and air quality in school buildings.

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