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Commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair is essential for businesses that rely on refrigeration.

Commercial refrigeration maintenance & repair is essential for businesses that rely on refrigeration to store products and keep manufacturing facilities at very low temperatures. It is important to make sure that commercial refrigeration systems run as efficiently as possible to keep things running smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdowns, which can lead to periods of downtime and ultimately mean business losses as well as potentially costly emergency repairs.

When it comes to refrigeration TJ Ref believes the best way to keep your system performing day in and day out is by carrying out regular maintenance. Regular servicing can help to keep refrigeration systems running efficiently. Over time wear and tear can cause parts to fail. Generally, if one part fails then it will have wider impacts on the whole system.

Always Use A Professional Refrigeration Service and Repair Maintenance Company

When carried out by an experienced and qualified engineer, commercial refrigeration maintenance can identify any parts or components that need attention or be replaced. This reduces the likelihood of breakdown because issues are dealt with before they develop into problems. There are also components like filters that should be changed periodically, and compressors may require top-ups, plus the regular testing and servicing makes sure they are functioning properly.

Improperly maintained systems can also place additional stress on components and increase the likelihood of breakdown. We have found that regular maintenance is the best way to keep systems running day in and day out with reduced risk of failure. Refrigeration can be energy intensive, especially during summer months when systems need to work harder to keep temperatures low. Systems that are properly maintained run with greater energy efficiency, which can translate into immediate savings on energy costs.

24-7 Commercial Refrigeration Service and Repair

Repairing a commercial refrigeration system is typically an urgent requirement. Contact us if your refrigeration system has stopped working and you need help to get it running as soon as possible. Our phone lines are always manned and you can speak to an engineer to discuss the issue. We can provide advice over the telephone and then we can get someone out to your location. All of our vehicles are tracked so we can give you accurate information regarding response times. We also ensure all engineers have the required qualifications, experience and insurances to carry out repair works on site.

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Why Do Refrigeration Systems Break Down?

There are a wide range of reasons that a commercial air conditioning system will break down. Typically systems are run constantly all year round. Despite being designed for heavy use, there will always be an issue from time to time. As with any mechanical system, regular servicing can keep things in check. We often attend repair jobs that would not have occurred with periodic maintenance. Problems with the electrics, compressors and coils can turn up at any time. It is important to diagnose the immediate fault quickly. A skilled technician will also consider how that could have been influenced by other parts of the system. Performing wider checks means issues can be identified and dealt with. By thinking holistically about a repair we can make sure it will stand the test of time, as opposed to causing another problem somewhere else.

Choosing TJ Ref

TJ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning have been providing commercial refrigeration service & repair services for over 30 years. Our expert engineers and competitive pricing means we have become one of the leading service providers in the UK. Our client list includes small to medium sized businesses, as well as multinational companies like Aldi, Walls and McColls.

All TJ Refrigeration engineers are fully qualified and have hands-on experience with a wide range of refrigeration systems.

Our engineers are always equipped with correct tools to ensure maintenance and repairs can be carried out effectively and safely to give you peace of mind. Our engineers carry an array of parts and spares meaning any potential issues can be dealt with there and then, as well as make recommendations that will help keep your system running efficiently until the next planned maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration Breakdown Repair and Maintenance FAQ

What should I do if my commercial refrigerator breaks down?

Firstly, don’t panic. Keep the doors of the unit closed to retain as much cold air as possible. Call our emergency repair hotline immediately to schedule a technician.

How quickly can you respond to an emergency breakdown?

We understand that time is of the essence when your commercial refrigeration system breaks down. We offer fast-response services and aim to get a technician to your location within 2-4 hours.

What information should I have ready when I call?

Please have the make and model of your refrigeration unit, a brief description of the issue, and the temperature inside the unit if possible. This helps us understand the problem better and prepare for a more efficient repair.

Is it safe to move perishable goods to another unit?

If you have another refrigeration unit that is working correctly, it is generally safe to move perishable items there. However, we recommend doing so only if the alternative unit can maintain the appropriate temperature.

Are your technicians certified?

Absolutely. All our technicians are fully certified and have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of commercial refrigeration issues. All our repair services come with a standard warranty. Specifics can be discussed with the technician who handles your repair.