Server Room HVAC Solutions

Server Room Cooling Solutions

Server room cooling solutions are designed to provide a controlled environment which allows servers to function optimally.

At TJ Ref provide server room HVAC solutions, including all aspects of commercial air conditioning design and installation, and commercial air conditioning maintenance and repair. We offer specialist HVAC services for server rooms housing computing and network equipment, as well as telecommunications systems. Systems are designed to provide a controlled environment which allows server rooms function optimally.

No two projects are the same. We tailor our approach to suit individual circumstances. That’s why our modern server room HVAC services constitute a genuine business solution. Our HVAC solutions will mean improved performance and reliability no matter how large or small your space is. We have worked on projects which comprise a small number of racks that holds a few pieces of data equipment, to walk-in server room that holds multiple business-critical servers and comms systems.

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Choose TJ Ref For Server Room Cooling Systems

Our fully qualified team of air conditioning experts can make a full assessment of your requirements through a site survey. Our team provide nationwide coverage, which makes us an ideal choice for single-site and multi-site businesses operating in the UK.

One of our team will make initial assessment of your space and then provide you with a detailed analysis of our findings. We take time to understand your needs and we can also take into account any server equipment that might be added in the future. TJ Ref server room HVAC solutions include design right the way through to commissioning. We are also happy to provide ongoing maintenance, which provides a number of benefits.

The type of HVAC equipment that might be recommended will differ depending on the size of the server room you have. The layout of the server room will also have a bearing on the HVAC equipment we may recommend. Factors including airflow inside the room, obstacles such as doors and internal partitions, even things like the orientation of server racks and uninterruptible power supply systems all play a part in the choice of cooling systems.

Our experience lets us make informed recommendations about which systems and which manufacturers will provide you the best outcomes.

Why Choose TJ Ref For Server Room Air Conditioning & Ventilation

We have been in operation for over 30 years. Whilst server rooms environment management is a relatively modern phenomenon, we were well placed to transition into the space and provide modern server room HVAC systems for our clients. TJ Refrigeration is the clear choice when it comes to professional design and installation. Our expert team will help to make sure the system runs properly once it has been fitted. We can also apply our extensive know-how to even make small adjustments to optimise the performance of the air conditioning system as your needs change over time.

Our qualified engineers also have experience with all aspects of server room air conditioning and environmental control. TJ Refrigeration is the ideal choice for installing all types of commercial systems including server room HVAC equipment. TJ ref have qualified design engineers and are professional installation teams. All works meet all of the latest regulatory guidance and industry best practices.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Service for Server Room Air Conditioning

In addition to design and installation, we provide ongoing support for all server room cooling. HVAC systems also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Support from TJ Ref includes maintenance and can also cover any repairs that may be required over the lifetime of the system. Ultimately we want to ensure your server room continues to operate optimally 24/7.