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Warehouse Air Conditioning Systems

Large commercial buildings often require warehouse HVAC solutions to maintain a controlled environment. Without air conditioning, internal air temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the day and night. Equipment, lights and machinery running inside a facility can also create a great deal of heat. There may also be people moving around the space, all of which cause changes in air flow and humidity.

Warehouse HVAC systems need to maintain temperatures no matter what the external weather conditions. Solutions are there for designed to suit the needs of the building. Depending on the nature of the business, warehouses will have products that may need to be kept at certain temperatures. The aim is to have a warehouse space with temperature and environmental control. Ultimately commercial spaces require a bespoke design. It is important to select the most suitable equipment and ensure infrastructure is designed for the task. HVAC solutions should help with air flow and circulation, but it is possible to design systems with extensive air extraction capabilities to maintain air quality. Warehouse HVAC designs can be quite different depending on the products that are stored inside. Speaking to an expert design company is the best way to ensure a system is up to the job.

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Professional Warehouse Cooling Solutions

Making sure a system is designed and installed by professionals is the only way to ensure that heating and cooling needs are met. TJ Ref have been working in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for over 30 years. Our experience covers all aspects of warehouse HVAC design, installation and commissioning. We also provide maintenance and repair services across the United Kingdom. All of our experience means we know where things can go wrong. This is a great starting point from a design point of view.

We appreciate warehouse cooling systems vary in complexity depending on space, volume of goods stored, and products requiring specific temperatures. Warehouse HVAC units need to be able to cope with extensive use over time so it is crucial to make sure infrastructure is suitable to meet the needs of the facility. TJ Ref deal with modern and efficient warehouse HVAC systems from leading manufacturers. We use our industry presence and buying power and pass on cost savings to our customers. Our warehouse HVAC solutions will perform over time.

Cost Effective Warehouse Air Conditioning

Warehouse air conditioning is an important part of businesses bottom line so choosing an efficient system is also key, as this will impact the lifetime costs of running and maintaining HVAC equipment. There are also a number of things that can increase the longevity of a warehouse cooling system, such as regular maintenance. Breakdowns can lead to costly repairs and may also cost businesses in lost product. Wear and tear on parts is natural, so having planned preventative maintenance can help identify potential issues in a system. Engineers check components and replace any worn parts that could lead to system malfunctions or breakdown. In addition to keeping things running in the smoothly, this will also ensure everything is running to optimal efficiency.

Why Choose TJ Ref For Warehouse Air Conditioning Systems?

Warehouse HVAC systems need to be tailored for the specific requirements of the building. Warehouse space can include vast open spaces and may include sections and areas that need to be kept under different conditions. With this in mind, warehouse HVAC solutions involve a lot of research into building design and planning to ensure an appropriate system is installed. This is where TJ Ref comes in, as a long-standing HVAC design, installation and maintenance company. We take time to understand the business needs, as well as accounting for all of the technical requirements. This allows us to apply our knowledge and experiences to deliver the best warehouse air conditioning and air handling systems system for our clients.

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Contact TJ Ref For All Warehouse Air Conditioning Solutions

If you would like more information about this, or any other commercial warehouse HVAC solutions then contact TJ Ref for more information. Our team includes qualified designers and consultants to deliver great outcomes for our customers. We also have experienced warehouse air conditioning engineers on call to respond to maintenance and repair issues across the United Kingdom.

Warehouse Air Conditioning FAQ

What is a Warehouse Air Conditioning System?

A warehouse air conditioning system is a cooling solution designed to maintain a comfortable and controlled temperature in a warehouse or distribution centre. These systems are crucial in ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations, protecting stored goods, and providing a comfortable work environment.

What are the Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning in Warehouses and Distribution Centres?

Installing air conditioning in warehouses and distribution centres helps regulate temperatures, which can protect temperature-sensitive goods, improve worker productivity and safety, and even increase the lifespan of warehouse equipment. Furthermore, air conditioning can help control humidity, preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

What Should Be Considered When Designing A Warehouse Air Conditioning System?

Key factors to consider when designing a warehouse air conditioning system include the size and layout of the warehouse, the type of goods stored, local climate conditions, the number of people working in the space, and energy efficiency. A professional HVACR company can assess these factors and design a system that suits the specific needs of your warehouse or distribution centre.

What Services Does a Commercial HVACR Company Provide for Warehouses and Distribution Centres?

A commercial HVACR company typically provides a range of services for warehouses and distribution centres, including:

Air conditioning system design and installation: Assessing the specific cooling requirements of the warehouse and installing a suitable air conditioning system.

Planned preventative maintenance: Regular checks and servicing to keep the air conditioning system running optimally, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Emergency repairs: Fast response to any issues or malfunctions to minimise downtime.

System upgrades: Replacing outdated or inefficient air conditioning systems with more energy-efficient models.

Why is Regular Maintenance Important for Warehouse Air Conditioning Systems?

Regular maintenance of warehouse air conditioning systems helps ensure their efficiency, longevity, and reliability. It can prevent unexpected breakdowns, maintain optimal cooling performance, prolong the lifespan of the system, and reduce energy costs.

When Should a Warehouse Air Conditioning System be Replaced?

Typical signs that a warehouse air conditioning system may need replacement include frequent breakdowns, rising energy costs, and difficulty maintaining a consistent temperature. If the system is over 10-15 years old, an upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model may also be beneficial.

Can a Commercial HVACR Company Design a Custom Air Conditioning System for my Warehouse?

Yes, a professional HVACR company should be able to design a custom air conditioning system that fits the specific needs of your warehouse. This includes considering the size and layout of the space, the type of goods stored, and the specific cooling requirements.


How Can a Commercial HVACR Company Help Improve the Energy Efficiency of my Warehouse Air Conditioning System?

HVACR companies can conduct energy audits, recommend system upgrades or modifications, and provide regular maintenance to improve the energy efficiency of your warehouse air conditioning system. They can also advise on energy-saving practices and integrate your system with renewable energy sources.


Can a Commercial HVACR Company Assist with the Regulatory Compliance of my Warehouse Air Conditioning System?

Yes, a reputable HVACR company will have extensive knowledge of industry regulations and standards. They can ensure your warehouse air conditioning system is compliant, guide you in meeting any new standards, and assist with required documentation and reporting.