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Commercial refrigeration installation & design for over 30 years.

TJ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning have been involved in commercial refrigeration installation & design for over 30 years. It is at the heart of everything we do. Our experience means we can support a range of refrigeration needs. We have delivered solutions for clients all over the United Kingdom.

Commercial refrigeration is found in a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. There are a range of refrigeration systems that can perform different functions. For example a chiller may be sufficient to display food at specific temperatures. However an industrial refrigeration system may be required to keep spaces at a constant low temperature. A cold storage room can be an efficient way to produce and store cold items. These systems are well suited to manufacturing facilities that deal with frozen products.

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Refrigeration Installation Company

It is important to select a company with expertise and experience in commercial refrigeration. TJ Ref can advise you about all aspects of design, installation and commissioning. We are committed to providing the very best technical delivery and customer service. We are proud to have worked with some of the top companies and household names in the UK. Our customers will attest to our exemplary track record for refrigeration solutions.

No two requirements are the same and there are multiple considerations that should influence designs. Issues like cooling capacity, layout of the equipment, area of the space to be cooled, or even the power consumption can have profound impacts on the immediate and on-going costs of a commercial refrigeration system. TJ Ref can work with you to deliver an effective cooling solution that will stand the test of time. We will deliver professional refrigeration system that is specifically tailored to your requirements. TJ Refrigeration have a team of commercial refrigeration design engineers with specialist knowledge. We always aim to provide viable long term refrigeration solutions thanks to their experience

Commercial Refrigeration Design

Any type of cooling system needs to be designed by professionals. There are a wide variety of cooling systems available. We can design a system for customers needing a cold room for processing, or requiring a facility that must be kept below freezing. Specific systems can be better suited to specific refrigeration requirements.

Our commercial refrigeration design engineers have specialist knowledge. We have also gained insight through our extensive experience in maintenance and repair. We include key considerations at the design stage that will affect the performance of a system. Things the location of key components can be problematic if they are not easily accessible. We ensure components are located in safe and accessible spaces so that they can be properly maintained and repaired if necessary.

We also like to account for factors like power consumption into our designs. The amount of energy required to power a system can vary a lot. Power consumption can have profound impacts on the immediate and on-going costs of a commercial refrigeration system. Our customers benefit from these insights and we can present options for considerable savings.

Looking for a first-class refrigeration company?

Why Choose TJ Refrigeration

It is vital to work with a professional refrigeration company. Choosing the right refrigeration system is a business critical decision. Working with TJ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will give you outstanding services at competitive prices. Our long standing presence in the industry is testament to our great customer care. We have worked with a range of companies from SMEs to multinational corporations. Given how important it can be to maintain low temperatures with refrigeration, we know that we have to deliver.

TJ Ref can work with you to design and install an effective cooling solution that will stand the test of time. Commercial refrigeration systems are often required to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they must provide effective cooling all year round. This means a system that can cope with with variations in external temperatures, such as the difference between summer and winter, or day and night. We find that automation can also make systems much more efficient. A cooling system should not require any user intervention to deal with temperature differentials and it should maintain a constant temperature.

Our long term standing as an independent company means we can work with a selection of manufacturers and suppliers. We can source a wide range of equipment and parts, and our impartial advice is aimed at giving you the best information and delivering a viable long term solution. For customers interested in commercial refrigeration design, you should contact us today to discuss your requirements.Contact TJ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for commercial refrigeration design or installation. Our team will be able to help you find a solution to your cooling needs.