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Chiller Maintenance And Repair

TJ Refrigeration provides chiller maintenance & repair services across the United Kingdom.

Chillers are often crucial pieces of equipment for many businesses. They are found everywhere from supermarkets to hospitals and have a wide range of applications. Commercial chillers provide consistent storage conditions for products that require low temperatures and low relative humidity.

Products that need refrigeration are often perishable goods or high-value items like food products or pharmaceuticals. Making sure that chillers and refrigeration units are in good working condition is business critical. This is because downtime on any parts of a chiller can be costly for businesses involved in the distribution and retail of chilled goods.

Commercial Chiller Maintenance

It is essential for businesses to have their chillers maintained to avoid potentially expensive repairs and product losses. Commercial chillers should be subject to strict maintenance schedules and modern units are also often fitted with monitoring systems that inform users of potential issues.

There are some things that can be done to keep commercial chillers in good condition. They should be kept clean to reduce the chance of corrosion and damage due to spills. Commercial chillers should also be regularly serviced to maintain performance and reduce the risk of breakdown over time.

Chillers operate 24 hours a day. The maintain a consistent low temperature all year round too, so parts will wear over time. Ensuring regular maintenance is carried out will make sure the chiller is operating as efficiently as possible. A qualified engineer will be able to make sure all components are in good condition, as well as identify and replace any worn parts.

Commercial Chiller Repair

Large chillers, refrigeration cabinets and also cold rooms can be complicated systems. Things can go wrong at any time and commercial chillers can lose performance for any number of reasons, from faulty valves or fans to refrigerant leaks. Commercial chiller repairs need to be carried out by a qualified and experienced engineer. The risks of operating or repairing commercial chillers without correct training should not be underestimated.

A reliable commercial chiller maintenance and repair service will diagnose the issue and provide first fix as quickly as possible. If secondary repairs are required then the engineer will make recommendations and carry out further work. We have engineers across the United Kingdom who carry professional tools and high quality parts to give great repair services at competitive prices.

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Why Choose TJ Refrigeration?

TJ Ref have extensive experience with commercial chiller maintenance and repair services. Our experience as a company means we are also well-placed to provide repair services too. We have been in operation for over 30 years because we provide an outstanding service at competitive prices. We have the knowledge and skills to perform essential maintenance on a a wide range of chiller units and systems.

Our regular preventative maintenance can reveal problems before they compromise the whole system. If your chiller or refrigeration system is not regularly serviced then you increase the risk of breakdown which could damage to stock and lead to business losses. In many cases the cost of chiller regular maintenance can save business considerable amounts of money over the lifetime of a unit.

Poorly maintained chillers don’t just have an increased chance of needing potentially expensive repairs, they also do not operate with optimum energy efficiency. A service from a professional company like TJ Ref can save money on energy bills over the longer term.

We have a great reputation for customer satisfaction. Our clients include large multinational corporations, as well as SMEs. Our engineers have a proven track record in the maintenance and repair of a wide range of Commercial Chiller and also refrigeration Systems. Contact us for more information about our chiller maintenance service. If you have a chiller that requires immediate repair then please contact our emergency response number. Our highly trained engineers are experienced in undertaking chiller repairs for all manner of systems. We provide a 24-hour service and we have engineers available 365 days a year.