Commercial Air Conditioning Chesterfield

Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Chesterfield

TJ Ref provides professional commercial air conditioning services in Chesterfield. We have been working with companies and organisations in Chesterfield for over 30 years. Our expert teams are able to design and install all types of cooling systems for a wide range of building types. 

In addition to commercial air conditioning, our experience also includes extensive work with  commercial refrigeration and commercial heat pump systems. Chesterfield falls under our northern area. We cover all of Derbyshire, from Sutton in Ashfield up to Bolsover and Clowne.

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Providing Commercial Air Conditioning Design and Installation Services In The Chesterfield Area

If you require commercial air conditioning design and installation services in Chesterfield then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We have expert designer engineers who can create bespoke commercial systems to suit any requirement.

Having been in operation for over 30 years, our teams have been involved in a variety of commercial projects. Our previous works include the design, installation and commissioning of office cooling and ventilation systems, right the way through to controlled environments for production facilities that need to remain below freezing 365 days a year.

Effective cooling solutions need to be designed around the requirements of the space. This means considering things like the location of the asset, positioning of infrastructure and ductwork, right through to the layout of the building itself.

Another factor that often gets overlooked at the design stage is the lifetime cost of the system. This includes upfront costs of the equipment that is required, as well as lifespan of infrastructure and the energy costs associated with running everything. It may be the case that a slightly larger air conditioning unit will save a great deal more than the additional cost over the lifetime of the system. No matter what your requirements, we make sure we go the extra step to deliver the best commercial cooling solutions.

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Expert Commercial Air Con Maintenance and Servicing Throughout Derbyshire

Commercial air conditioning infrastructure is more likely to fail if it has been poorly designed, or it is poorly maintained.

We have teams on call 24-7. Contact our Emergency Line if you require emergency call-out services. We can have one of our qualified technicians with you in a timely manner to reduce down time. All TJ Ref call out teams carry specialist tools and spares with them. This increases the probability of them being able to deliver a proper fix on the first visit.

There may be cases where further work is required to make sure the system. Your emergency call out engineer will report the problems to you along with recommendations on further repairs if needed. If your air conditioning breaks down then you can rely on us to effectively diagnose the issue and provide suitable repairs. 

Expert Commercial Air Con Maintenance and Servicing Throughout Derbyshire

Our technicians and engineers have encountered all manner of challenges over the years. This is something our servicing and maintenance customers benefit from. When we perform planned preventive maintenance our teams can make sure your commercial air conditioning or refrigeration system is working optimally. If there are any signs of wear and tear that could be stressing the system, we can make recommendations for further repairs.

It is often advisable to keep on top of small issues before they cause further problems in the system. Regular maintenance is the efficiency of a system is often overlooked aspect. Not only does the risk of breakdown increase when air conditioning units are not regularly serviced and maintained, but it can also increase the energy bills too. We ensure fans and filters are clean and clear as part of our commercial air conditioning maintenance services. Our technicians will also replace seals and moving parts that have become worn over time.

We Have Been Helping Businesses For Over 30 Years

TJ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have a fantastic reputation for first rate commercial services. We have built our reputation on delivering quality customer service and being very competitive on price.

Over the years we have been able to provide our services to clients in many different industries. We have worked on all manner of jobs from a chiller repair for a supermarket, or a full HVACR system for a gym and leisure centres. We are proud of the consultative service we provide and we know that no two projects are the same. No matter the requirement, we make sure to look after our customers’ wants and needs.

Our team are always happy to discuss your requirements and help find solutions. You can get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss any non-emergency HVACR services. We have a dedicated emergency call out line. So if you require emergency repairs then please contact our 24-hour help desk.