Retail Air Conditioning

Retail Air Conditioning

As with any commercial air conditioning design, there are the usual things to factor into a project for retail air con. Things like the location of the building, size of the space to be cooled and any structural considerations need to be assessed to determine the air conditioning system that will be required.

When it comes to designing retail air conditioning systems specifically, there can also be additional considerations within the space, such as lighting, which produces heat when lights are turned on, but not when they are turned off. There may also be chillers and refrigerators, which often house perishable goods. Retail systems also need to account for movement of people in and out of the building, with doors opening and closing during trading hours. Ultimately, retail HVAC systems need to be dynamic to work efficiently with these variables.

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TJ Ref have been providing commercial air conditioning design services for retail customers for over 30 years.

Having been in business for over 30 years, we have worked on a wide range of projects. Our commercial air conditioning design services are tailored to the requirements of the building.
We have a great reputation for providing professional services at very competitive prices. Over the years we have worked with all types of retail and commercial customers. This includes individual stores, supermarkets and shopping centres.


Our designers have the knowledge and experience to design retail HVACR solutions that are as cost effective and efficient as possible. There are instances when it makes economic sense to increase the initial costs of an air conditioning system if the ongoing running costs can be reduced. The complexity of retail HVAC systems can vary depending on space, volume of the area as well as the dynamics of the retail business. Retail environmental controls need to be designed to cope with extensive use over time. With this in mind, it is crucial to make sure infrastructure is suitable to meet the needs of the retail setting. TJ Ref deal with modern and efficient HVAC infrastructure from leading manufacturers. We use our industry presence and buying power and pass on cost savings to our customers. Our retail air conditioning solutions will perform efficiently and provide economical solutions that last.

Why Choose TJ Ref For Retail Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair?

Our engineers can also provide planned preventative maintenance for retail air conditioning and refrigeration. Regular maintenance is not a requirement, but it is something that is recommended. It helps ensure your retail air conditioning system continues to function optimally over time. Having a system serviced means worn parts and small issues can be dealt with before they affect other parts. We often find that breakdowns occurring in poorly maintained systems. Regular checks and servicing just make it less likely a system will breakdown. It also keeps the everything running efficiently, which can save considerable money in energy bills each year.


For emergency repairs please contact our 24-hour emergency repair number if your retail air conditioning system has broken down. We can have a technician out to you as quickly as possible to reduce downtime and business losses. TJ Ref vans are stocked with high quality parts that typically cause issues. We have encountered many issues on retail air conditioning repair jobs and noticed a few common issues. Our teams have the knowledge and specialist tools to make first fix repairs that get your system up and running. They can also advise on any further repairs if these may be needed.

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We pride ourselves on great customer service. We have longstanding customers in a variety of industries. During our time in the industry we have worked with multinational organisations, as well as SMEs.

If you are interested in retail air conditioning design or installation then get in touch to talk about your needs. We are more than happy to discuss plans and our engineers can give insight and advice to help get the best outcomes. All of the work we do is performed by qualified and experienced technical staff. We have vast experience managing projects from design through to installation and commissioning. There are also ongoing maintenance and emergency cover on all systems we deliver.

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