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Commercial Commissioning Services For Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heat Pump and Ventilation Systems

HVACR commissioning is critical for all new commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump systems. The commissioning of HVACR infrastructure ensures that all parts of the system are functioning optimally. It happens after the design and installation phases of new HVACR projects.

However, it is also possible to commission older systems too. Commissioning should be performed by professional commissioning service providers, as they will have systems and processes to ensure everything is done to the highest standard.

commercial air conditioning design and installation

Why is HVACR Commissioning Required for New Systems?

Commissioning is a systematic process that tests all parts and components for safety and performance. The idea is that, by testing the system as a whole, the commissioning engineer can make sure that everything is functioning properly.


When a new system is installed there are snagging phases that allow engineers to identify and fix small issues that may only come to light once everything is switched on. Of course, professional designers can minimise the likelihood that things will go wrong and make sure HVACR solutions are fit for purpose. Even if a system has been designed for the specific needs of a building, there are still considerations that are difficult to factor into projects at design stage.


This is why commissioning is so important. By running and observing the system while it is operational, the commissioning engineer can make small tweaks to enhance performance. Not only can this mean a system runs optimally for things like efficacy and energy efficiency, but it will also reduce the likelihood that the system will break down over time.

Choose TJ Ref for Commercial HVACR Commissioning Services

Here at TJ Ref, we have been working in the commercial HVACR industry for over 30 years. During this time we have provided commissioning services as part of our air conditioning design and installation services, as well as our commercial refrigeration and heat pump services too.


It is essential for businesses to have new HVACR systems commissioned for several reasons. First, it ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as things like public liability and professional indemnity.


Considering the importance of HVACR for businesses, it makes sense to have everything properly tested. The infrastructure tends to run 24-hours per day, 7 days a week. Further, it usually provides a vital service, such as maintaining cool temperatures in warehouses, or making sure sure office buildings are comfortable year round. If something goes wrong, it can also be expensive to rectify any issues too.


Given that commissioning will test systems during startup, operation and wind down, it can identify any potential problems and make amendments as required.

commercial air conditioning design and installation

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Contact TJ Ref For All Commissioning Services in the United Kingdom

We have an experienced team of commissioning with extensive experience in all aspects of HVACR installation, maintenance and repair. They also have all the right measuring instruments and tools to commission all types of system.


We have been working in the industry for over 30 years, so there is not much we have not encountered at some stage. During our time in the industry we have worked with a variety of clients from small businesses to large commercial enterprises. Our experience covers all aspects of commercial air conditioning design, installation, maintenance and repair, as well as refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump solutions too.


All this makes us the perfect choice for any business that needs a commercial system commissioning. If you want to make sure your system is working optimally then contact our team today. They can discuss your requirements and commission your system to a professional standard, at a highly competitive price.